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Nos implerem singula projects
  • "OEM ODM & experientia in XVII annorum '

  • «Medical Latin CE, FDA probo"

  • "XII C responds missio nostra est"

  • "Sumptus budget perficientur in occursum tuum '

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                          Happy New Year!!!   On the occasion of the New Year,SEJOY wish the merriest of Christmas to you and you loved ones,wish you happiness...
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  • 2018 MEDICA Invitation Booth#Hall 16C30 -3
    2018 MEDICA Invitation Booth#Hall 16C30 -3
      2018 MEDICA Invitation Exhibitiona Name: The 2018 MEDICA Exhibition Location: Dusseldorf Germany Exhibition Date:November 12-15, 2018 Our Booth: Hall 16C30 -3 We sincerely invite you ...
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  • 2019 Arab Health Invitation
    2019 Arab Health Invitation
     2019 Arab Health Invitation Exhibitiona Name: The 2019 Arab Health Exhibition Location: Dubai,UAE Exhibition Date:28 Jan-30 Jan,2019 Our Booth:H8.D51 We sincerely invite you and your company...
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  • Genus Jugend + - International Fair Coloniae Teenager Puer ad MMXVIII
    Genus Jugend + - International Gloria ...
    Genus Jugend + - International Fair Teenager Puer ad MMXVIII Oratio Coloniae Agrippinae: Messeplatz (L)DCLXXIX Germania I, Germania Date: 20 ma-23: September, MMXVIII Booth: F069 11,3 Vale bene, vos invitare comitatu et representa ...
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  • 122nd Invitatio ad PAGUS Fair Booth # 11.2A15 & A16
    122nd PAGUS et Booth # XI ... Fair Invitatio
    Venue: et Exporting Fair complexu Sinis Import (No. CCCLXXX, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou) Booth #: 11.2A15 & 11.2A16 Date: Nov-Oct XXXI IV, sincere MMXVII Nos invite vos ut et visita nos in comitatu repraesentativis Th. ..
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