Celebrate International Woman’s day with joytech

The beginning of March means the arrival of spring, when life comes to life and everything revives. On this beautiful day, we welcome the Women's Day on March 8. Joytech has prepared a flower arrangement activity for all female employees, providing an opportunity to dance with flowers and enjoy the mood of one flower and one world after a busy work day.


At the activity site, the fragrance of flowers was overflowing, filled with a warm and romantic atmosphere. After the florist's detailed explanation, everyone's interest in the art of flower arrangement was high, and under the guidance of the florist, they were creative and had hands-on experience in creating floral works.


Through this activity, we not only mastered the basic floral knowledge and skills, but also enriched the spiritual and cultural life, cultivated the sentiment, and felt the fun of personal flower arrangement after the busy work, and also increased our love for the good life, so that we can devote ourselves to work and life with more enthusiasm in the future.


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