Great Cold-With the conclusion of winter, it serves as the prelude to spring.

Great Cold-With the conclusion of winter, it serves as the prelude to spring.


In 15 days, it will be the beginning of spring,


A new cycle of the 24 solar terms will commence!


In 21 days, it will be the Spring Festival,


The year-long journey of drifting will come to an end with reunion.


Winter cold has its limits, and warm spring has its signs,


Returning home has its appointed time, and Great Cold is worthy of praise.


Great Cold, Minor Cold, chilling without wind.


Cold reaches its extreme, and Great Cold marks its limit. This year's Great Cold lives up to its name,


Bringing with it the new cold air, the first wind of the lunar year howls.



Protect Against Cold, Keep Warm, Pay Attention to Rest and Diet


Cold governs contraction; the cold weather slows down the circulation of Qi and blood throughout the body, weakens the constitution, and makes one susceptible to invasion by cold winds. This can lead to the occurrence of blood stasis in the heart and angina pectoris. The sluggish circulation of qi and blood in muscles and joints can cause pain or exacerbate pain in the neck, waist, shoulders, and knee joints. Therefore, special attention should be paid to keeping warm in areas such as the waist, abdomen, head, and joints—"graceful demeanor requires warmth."


Winter has short days and long nights, with the dominance of Yin and the hidden presence of Yang. In daily routines, everyone should "retire early and rise late, waiting for sunlight," ensuring an ample amount of sleep.


The Great Cold solar term arrives at the end of the year. Despite the cold weather, it cannot deter people's enthusiasm for welcoming the Spring Festival. Everyone is busy buying couplets and preparing for the Lunar New Year. During this time, the stored Yang energy in the body is easily disturbed and depleted by restless emotions. Engaging in proper stretching exercises and traditional Chinese medicine-guided techniques can help broaden the chest, regulate Qi, warm the kidneys, and protect Yang energy.


The transition from the Great Cold to the Beginning of Spring signals a shift in diet. Adapt to seasonal changes and, based on individual constitutions, supplement appropriately. Consume moderate amounts of foods with uplifting and dispersing properties, such as cilantro and green onions, to align with the upward growth of everything in spring.


Endure the severe cold of winter and witness the prosperity of spring. Let us continue to accumulate strength for the journey ahead. Together, let's welcome the warmth and blossoming of spring.


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