What blood pressure monitor is recommended by doctors?

With the continuous development and popularization of household medical devices, a variety of household medical devices have been produced. Hypertension patients with the largest number of users are most concerned: What kind of household blood pressure monitor will our doctors recommend and why?


The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends home blood pressure monitors that have been tested and approved by the Association for Accuracy in Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). These monitors are typically digital monitors with an inflatable cuff and a built-in stethoscope. AAMI-approved monitors are designed to accurately measure blood pressure and provide reliable readings. The AHA also recommends that home blood pressure monitors be used in conjunction with a physician’s care and that they be checked regularly for accuracy.


Many doctors recommend manual and automatic blood pressure monitors that have been clinically validated for accuracy. Manual blood pressure monitors are recommended because they are easy to use, and they can provide accurate readings when used correctly. Automatic blood pressure monitors are recommended because they are more convenient, and they can provide more accurate readings than manual monitors. Additionally, automatic monitors can store readings for multiple users, making it easier to track changes over time.


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