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  • Joytech Medical Assistance for Hong Kong Epidemic Prevention
    Post time: 03-01-2022

      Recently, the fifth round of epidemic in Hong Kong continues to spread and the situation in Hong Kong is serious. With the full support of the Central Government, medical supplies from the Mainland have arrived in Hong Kong one after another. Joytech Medical, through Hong Kong New World G...Read more »

  • 2022 Series Blood Pressure Monitor DBP-6185
    Post time: 02-22-2022

    Joytech 2022 series blood pressure monitor with the latest technology chip, with high accuracy, safety and reliability, convenient operation, etc., is your first choice of health products DUAL-USER MODE: Totally 120 (maximum 2*150) memories for one or two users, each with a date/time stamp. Aver...Read more »

  • How to Pick a Home Blood Pressure Monitor
    Post time: 02-19-2022

    Do you plan to start using a blood pressure monitor? You’re part of a growing group. Doctors are telling more and more people with high blood pressure to check their numbers at home. Why? At the doctor’s office, your blood pressure reading only shows your numbers at that moment. A home monitor le...Read more »

  • Happy Latern Festival !!!
    Post time: 02-15-2022

    Read more »

  • What level is your blood pressure? Here is the most scientific way to determine
    Post time: 02-08-2022

    The original classification of hypertension 120-139/80-89 which are high values of normal blood pressure 140-159/90-99 belong to grade 1 hypertension. 160-179/100-109 belong to grade 2 hypertension. Greater than 180/110, belongs to grade 3 hypertension. So how do you calculate the blood pressure ...Read more »

  • Joytech New Infrared Ear thermometer
    Post time: 02-05-2022

    Infrared ear thermometer is an excellent tool for taking body temperature, especially for a baby or a hyperactive kid. The infrared ear thermometer can take an accurate reading within one second. No other thermometers can do this. Unlike an oral thermometer, you can take the temperature while the...Read more »

  • Checking Your Temperature: What You Need to Know
    Post time: 02-01-2022

    Do you find yourself placing the back of your hand on your forehead to gauge your temperature? You are not alone. High temperature is an indicator that you might be falling ill. It is also one of the more common symptoms of COVID-19.   Fever and COVID-19 A fever helps fight infection and typicall...Read more »

  • Happy Lunar New Year
    Post time: 01-27-2022

    The year 2021 was a year of development for Joytech. With the support of various partners and industries and the collaboration of all departments, we achieved good business results and made the development plan for 2021 fully implemented. The achievement is not easy to come by, it is the hard wor...Read more »

  • Joytech Jumbo LCD thermometer
    Post time: 01-25-2022

    Joytech have the latest technology to bring you fast, accurate and reliable temperature testing products in a safe and reliable manner. Joytechs’ new digital thermometer DMT-4759 has the following 4 characteristics ℉/℃ Switchable: LCD screen shows temperature clearly and units either in℉ or ℃. C...Read more »

  • Joytech Rigid Tip Digital Thermometer
    Post time: 01-21-2022

    Joytech’s new digital thermometer DMT-4161 uses innovative technology to improve product performance and enhance product quality on the basis of a comprehensive upgrade of its appearance.The new product has the following four characteristics. PREDICTIVE MEASURING AND FAST READING:This DMT-4161 d...Read more »

  • Joytech was Awarded the Honor of “Outstanding Contribution to the Annual Gross Industrial Output Value of 100 Billion”
    Post time: 01-11-2022

    Joytech Healthcare CO., LTD was awarded the honor of "Outstanding Contribution to the Annual Gross Industrial Output Value of 100 Billion" at the 2022 Economic Development Conference of Linping District National Development Zone, which has just ended. Mr. Ren Yunhua, General Manager of Joytech, r...Read more »

  • Joytech Medical’s 2021 Year-end Summary and Merit Recognition Conference
    Post time: 01-07-2022

    As time flies, the year 2021 has already passed. Looking back at the past year, with the joint efforts of all Joytech people, we have witnessed the strong layout of Joytech and the rapid growth of Joytech. In order to sort out the work process, achievements, gains and losses of this year, make a ...Read more »

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