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Starting from foreign trade export business, Joytech is with over 20 years of rich import and export experience, and has built a loyal reputation on quality, innovation, and service to its customers in around 130 countries.
Body Temperature 
World Top 3 Manufacturer of digital thermometers with daily output of 400 thousand pcs and it will be double after new industrial park put into use.
 People paid more attention to body temperature monitoring after three years of COVID-19's fight.
As a manufacturer experienced SARS and COVID-19, Joytech is capable for large quantity production as well as large automated warehouse.
Joytech thermometers including not only armpit, rectal and oral ones but also infrared ear and forehead thermometers as well as continuous monitoring bluetooth thermometers.
When people feel sick we will have no patience to wait for long time measurement. Fast reading technologies were developed. Professional algorithms even help us to get predictive measuring in 5s. No need to manually record your body temperature instead of record on APP by phone via bluetooth.
More memory groups were developed on thermometers directly.
Blood Pressure Health Management
ESH certified blood pressure monitor manufacturer. Accurate and safe
The development of blood pressure monitors meets people's daily usage needs as well as intelligent demands in health monitoring.
Deflation blood pressure monitors are replaced by inflation blood pressure monitors.
Measuring on inflation will be faster and painless for bp monitor users.
Monitors with multi memory groups and even mobile phone transmission records were required.
There are maximum 2*150 groups of memories of Joytech new blood pressure monitors.
We can read and manage our bp data on our cellphone via bluetooth or WIFI and those will be great reference to our doctors.
WHO blood pressure indicator
Different countries have different standards for hypertension range. How should we determine whether we have high blood pressure or not? WHO indicator will be acceptable for most of you.
Accuracy technologies
For accuracy of blood pressure monitors, Joytech new bp monitors configure below functions:
Average last 3 results/Digital error messages/Arm shake indicator/Cuff loose indicator/Triple measurement
Functions besides measuring blood pressure
IHB-Irregular heartbeat detection/ECG test
Healthy Breathing Solutions
The compressor nebulizer is more professional with main body and accessories so it is suitable 
for home use.
 The compressor nebulizer is more professional with main body and accessories so it is suitable for home use.

Baby using nebulizers
Joytech breast pumps are verified by 
world famous brand.
Up to now,we have released a total of 7 models for breast pump, and will continue to launch new products that meet market demand.
 Top Brand OEM and ODM Manufacturing Experience
 Design Ability for New Appearance
 FDA and EU Certificates
 High Efficient Working Design, Save Time for Mom
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Europe Market: Mike Tao 
Asia & Africa Market: Eric Yu 
North America Market: Rebecca Pu 
South America & Australia Market: Freddy Fan 
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