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Service of Joytech Medical Device


Professional Sales Teams

Joytech sales teams are including 4 teams serving for Europe market, Asia & Africa market, North America market, South America & Ocean market.
Each team is exclusively dedicated to addressing the specific requirements and policy guidelines of their respective market's clientele.
Customers will receive expert responses from sales professionals who are well-versed in your local region and market.

OEM / ODM Services

Joytech Healthcare dedicated sales teams engage in detailed discussions, gather feedback, and tailor designs to meet your specific customization requirements. Following this, our customer service teams assist customers in the registration process for their respective markets. Subsequently, our order service team manages and monitors your orders, providing continuous updates on order progress.

Registration Support

Medical equipment concerns human safety and is subject to strict laws and regulations. Obtaining various medical certifications and registrations is a time-consuming and costly process.
Joytech is proud to hold ISO13485, BSCI, and MDSAP approvals. Our currently available products have received initial approval from prominent regulatory bodies including CE MDR, FDA, CFDA, FSC, and Health Canada, among others. Additionally, our Bluetooth products are SIG approved, and we offer full support for Bluetooth protocol integration for your app development needs.


Robust Production Capacity

Joytech robust production capacity ensures your delivery times are met. We operates three manufacturing facilities both domestically and internationally for the production of medical devices. We utilize state-of-the-art automated equipment to expedite manufacturing and employ automated warehouses for precise and efficient order management.

Inspection Support

At Joytech, we conduct a thorough 100% quality control inspection before every shipment, carried out by our own team. We also welcome and support customer visits to our factory for order inspection. Additionally, we facilitate third-party inspections as per customer specifications and requirements.

Online Order Support

Online ordering has become a modern business trend. Joytech is proud to be a 6-year Gold Supplier assessed by Alibaba. offers factory inspection services to assess our capabilities, and you can confidently place online orders, benefitting from third-party order guarantees.


24 Hour Response After-Sale Services

Kindly reach out to the seller from whom you purchased Joytech medical devices. As a factory, we work with numerous distributors and agents both domestically and internationally. While we may not directly handle after-sales services for all customers, we do offer after-sales support for direct orders. You can encourage your agent to request after-sales assistance from us, and we will stand by the responsibility for our products.
We will address your inquiries within a 24-hour timeframe.

Long Term Warranty

Our warranty coverage typically extends for one to two years, varying based on the specific product.

Sales Overseas Visit

Joytech's commitment extends beyond online support. We value face-to-face interactions with our customers overseas to understand their needs at every stage. You can meet us in person at major events such as Arab Health, FIME, Africa Health, and MEDICA. If you plan to attend CMEF and Canton Fairs in China, you'll have the opportunity to explore our latest products there as well. Additionally, we extend a warm invitation for you to visit our factory.

They Trust Joytech

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​LD-2010 electronic breast pump is designed for mom breasfeeding at night with LED lamp. 2-Phase design, easy for stimulation and expression. Single breast pump is helpful for breastfeeding and sucking at the same time.
XM-114 fingertip pulse oximeter is with LED display. A pulse oximeter uses two frequencies of light (red and infrared) to determine the percentage (%)of hemoglobin in the blood that is saturated with oxygen.
DMT-4333 digital thermometer is with flexible tip and waterproof one. The response time is 10s/20s/30s as per your request.
Model no.: DMT-4333
Measurement range: 32.0 °C to 42.9 °C
Measurement accuracy: ± 0.1 °C between 35.5 °C and 42.0 °C
Battery: 1.5 V battery, size LR41, SR41 or UCC 392
Display: LCD display
DET-1015 ear thermometer is measuring in ear and it is much more accurate. 1 second fast measuring time is suitable for multi person temperature measurement.
Model no.: DET-1015
Unit dimension: 14.6 x 3.8 x 5.7 cm
Weight: 117g (with battery)
Measuring range: 34.0°C - 43.0 °C
Measuring accuracy: ±0.2 °C between 35.5 - 42.0 °C
Battery: 2 pcs of AA 1.5V battery
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Asia & Africa Market: Eric Yu 
North America Market: Rebecca Pu 
South America & Australia Market: Freddy Fan 
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