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2021 Joytech New Launched Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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Joytech's new wrist blood pressure monitor DBP-8178 uses the latest chip, which is highly accurate and can quickly and accurately read the user's pulse information and analyze it, allowing the user to know the health information at the first time. 

004 - 副本

In addition, this blood pressure monitor also has IHB, blood pressure risk, average last 3 results, position indicator and other functions, which can be a comprehensive and professional analysis of the user's health data, at the same time, the product can be equipped with optional backlight, voice control functions, easy to use for people with disabilities and the elderly, but also optional Bluetooth function is also available,customers can connect with Joytech app, which is convenient for users to compare their past data and understand their health condition.


This product can support two people to use at the same time, can record data separately, support each user 60 times measurement data memory, product design is simple and generous, small and easy to carry, you can pay attention to the health status at any time and anywhere


As a main supplier of health care products in China, Joytech has built a loyal reputation on quality, innovation, and service to its customers all over the world.All Joytech products are designed by our internal R&D Department and manufactured under ISO 13485 standards; to meet European CE and U.S. FDA certifications.

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