Are infrared thermometer safe?

In the past few years of COVID, temperature monitoring has become our living habit. Especially in public places, all kinds of temperature measuring equipment can quickly measure the temperature of people coming and going.


When measuring temperature like this every day, some people will ask, is infrared temperature measurement safe? This seems to be a problem that most people have never considered. Because we all know that it must be safe. So scientifically speaking, people's understanding of this product is still not thorough enough.


Infrared light is actually the electromagnetic wave radiated by molecules when their vibration state changes, and the wavelength is usually between 0.76 μ m and 1000 μ m. All objects whose temperature is higher than absolute zero are constantly emitting infrared radiation energy to the surrounding space. The size of this radiation energy and its wavelength distribution are closely related to its surface temperature. Therefore, by measuring the infrared energy radiated by the object itself, the surface temperature of the object can be accurately measured, which is the objective basis for infrared radiation temperature measurement.


In recent years, a variety of infrared temperature measurement products have been launched to the market. Wall mounted ones and portable household ones, each has its own purpose.


Correctly using of kinds of infrared thermometers as per instruction manuals. They will be safe and useful.


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