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Atomizer, selecting the right one is very important

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We all know that with air pollution and environmental degradation, some people with low immunity (elderly and children) are highly susceptible to respiratory diseases. Due to the advantages of precise medication, fast onset, small dosage, and painless compared to oral and intravenous therapy, nebulization is also highly favored by parents. Instead of running back and forth to the hospital every day, queuing, fatigue, and the risk of cross infection, handheld nebulizers at home have become a trend.


But facing the diverse types of atomizers in the market, it feels a bit dazzling. So what brand is good for household atomizers? Which company's solution is more professional, reliable, and trustworthy, has become the focus of many individual users and brand owners of household atomizers.


Classification of atomizers


1. Ultrasonic atomizer


Using the principle of ultrasonic electronic oscillation, high-frequency oscillation waves are generated to atomize the medicine solution into extremely small mist. The spray of the ultrasonic atomizer has no selectivity to the aerosol particles, and the diameter of the aerosol particles is usually about 8 microns, so most of the generated drug particles can only be deposited in the bronchus (upper respiratory tract), and the amount of deposition that can reach the lungs is very small, which cannot effectively treat lower respiratory tract diseases. At the same time, due to the large size and fast atomization of fog particles generated by the ultrasonic atomizer, patients inhale too much water vapor, causing the respiratory tract to become moist. The dry and thick secretions that previously blocked the bronchi in the respiratory tract expand after absorbing water, increasing respiratory resistance, and may cause hypoxia. Moreover, the ultrasonic atomizer can cause the medication to form droplets and hang on the inner wall, which is not effective for lower respiratory diseases and has a high demand for drugs, The phenomenon of causing waste.


Due to various reasons such as therapeutic effectiveness, service life, and operational cleaning, ultrasonic atomizers have been completely phased out of the medical market in developed countries abroad.


Compression atomizers have replaced ultrasonic atomizers in the field of medical applications. Due to consumers' lack of understanding of the defects of ultrasonic atomizers, there is still a certain amount of sales in the domestic market. But compressed atomizers have gradually been recognized by ordinary families in China, especially hospitals that have replaced ultrasonic atomizers with compressed atomizers.


 2. Compressor Nebulizers

Air compression atomizer: also known as jet atomization, is based on the Venturi spray principle, which uses compressed air to form Jet stream through the small pipe orifice. The generated negative pressure drives liquid or other fluids to spray onto the barrier together, and splashes around under high-speed impact, causing droplets to become atomized particles and spray out of the outlet pipe.

The compressor nebulizer is more professional with main body and accessories so it is suitable for home use.


3. Portable mesh atomizer

Through the high-frequency resonance of the ceramic atomization plate, the medicine liquid is pushed towards the mesh, and due to the extreme motion of positive and negative electrons, high-density atomized particles are produced and sprayed outward.


Mature medical grade household handheld aerosol particles with a standard of ≤ 5 microns can settle in the bronchioles and alveoli. When you always go outing or have some trips, mesh atomizers will be good choice.


As a professional therapeutic medical device, the certification and professionalism of atomizers are the best reference for selection.


Joytech is a professional manufacturer for home use medical devices under ISO13485 and you can trust us.



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