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BPA free breast pump for better feeding and care of babies

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What is BPA?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a synthetic compound that can combine with other compounds to make sturdy, elastic plastics.

It can also be used to manufacture epoxy resin, coated inside metal cans to prevent corrosion.

The application of BPA in industry is particularly extensive, to the extent that it can surprise you.

Infants and children have a high risk of exposure to BPA, as many baby products contain BPA, such as:

Packaging of infant Infant formula;

Bottles, straws, and pacifiers;

Children's toys;

BPA can also be found in many other products, including:

Plastic storage containers;

Lining of metal food boxes and beverage cans;

Plastic tableware and utensils, such as takeout boxes;

Women's hygiene products;

Thermal printer receipt;

CDs and DVDs;

Household electronic products;

Glasses and lenses;

Sports equipment;

Dental filling sealant;

BPA will leach from the container, directly penetrate into your food and beverages, and then enter your body directly; It can also be dispersed in the surrounding environment and absorbed through the lungs and skin.


How BPA can harm your body?

The structure of BPA is very similar to estrogen. It can also bind to estrogen receptor and affect physiological processes, such as growth, cell repair, fetal development, energy level and fertility.

In addition, BPA may also interact with other Hormone receptor, such as thyroid receptors, and affect thyroid function.


BPA free breast pump for better feeding and care of babies

Joytech Healthcare, a leading manufacturer of medical devices such as digital medical thermometers and baby care products such as hands free breast pump, is manufacturing safe and convenient plastic products without BPA under ISO13485 and MDSAP.


All Joytech products are made from medical grade plastic material and passed so many tests before launching to the market.

LD-209-safe breast pump


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