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Excellent quality! Hangzhou Sejoy COVID-19 detection products have broken stringent standards and gained access to many countries!Prospects can be expected!

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Sejoy COVID-19 detection products


On October 22, 2021, Hangzhou Sejoy obtained the European CE certification for self-testing products of COVID-19 antigen detection reagents, which can be sold in all EU member states.

This is another major positive development in the wake of the Novel Coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) antigen test. Hangzhou Sejoy COVID-19 antigen has passed the authoritative certification of the ministry of Health of many countries, which fully proves the excellent performance of the kit.


The UK government has announced that from October 24, travellers arriving in the UK with the vaccine will be able to order rapid tests instead of nucleic acid tests. Travellers will be able to order rapid tests from October 22, following a similar policy in many European countries.


At present, a variety of COVID-19 variants, such as Delta, Alpha, Eta, Gama, Lambda and Beta, are still prevalent in the world, endangering human health. The novel coronavirus is highly contagious and spreads rapidly around the world. The epidemic prevention and control situation at home and abroad is grim.

Hangzhou Sejoy COVID-19 antigen detection reagent can detect multiple novel coronavirus variants including Delta strain B.1.617.2(Delta), THE British variant B.1.1.7(Alpha), and the Brazilian variant B.1.351(Beta),and other varity virus


Hangzhou Sejoy COVID-19 antigen detection reagent can be used for home detection, rapid screening at airports, schools, business negotiations, large-scale cultural events, dinner parties, etc




The CE certification will provide a powerful weapon for Epidemic prevention and control in Europe.

The preferred more inmanufacturing new crown, including new crown antigen rapid detection kit, new crown antibody rapid detection kit, will be coronavirus/a/b influenza virus joint detection kits, new crown neutralizing antibody detection kits, etc all have passed the European CE certification, and landing in France, the Czech republic, Austria, Bulgaria, the multinational white list.

The RAPID detection kit for COVID-19 antigen has also passed the authoritative certification of PEI in Germany, the registered certification of MDA in Malaysia and the registered certification of ANSM in France, which fully proves that Sejoy products have excellent product quality.




For novel Coronavirus detection, Hangzhou Sejoy has developed a complete set of solutions, which can better meet the needs of rapid on-site detection of epidemic prevention and control in various countries. Hangzhou Sejoy will also contribute to the global prevention and control of COVID-19 and influenza and other respiratory diseases. In the future, we will continue to deliver our products to all markets around the world and make a contribution to international epidemic prevention and control.

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