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Exhibition Preview- Let’s meet at Miami in this June

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Will the weather be friendly in Miami as the heat is approaching? Let's meet again at Miami in this June.


In ths coming exhibition days, we will meet at Miami in U.S.A. to show our new products developed during the last year. Joytech teams participate in FIME every year and meet each other every year. We always want to provide solutions to the health problems that currently plague us the most.


The same point of COVID-19 and H1N1 is that there will be fever and cough. How to relieve it?


Joytech healthcare, a company that started with digital thermometers, has developed more and more healthcare production lines.


Fever is the body's defence mechanism against an infection, vaccination or teething. Our safe and accurate digital thermometers come with patented fever-line technology, dual scales, fast 5 second readings, waterproof and jumbo backlight screens, assisting temperature detection effectively. Our highly automated production line allows us to ensure a competitive price.


Cough is a common symptom of the respiratory tract. It is caused by inflammation, foreign bodies, physical or chemical stimulation of the trachea, bronchial mucosa or pleura. It first closes the glottis, contracts the Muscles of respiration, and increases the intrapulmonary pressure. Then the glottis opens, and air in the lungs is ejected, usually accompanied by sound. Cough has a protective effect on clearing foreign bodies and secretions in the respiratory tract. But if the cough continues and changes from acute to chronic, it often causes great pain to the patient, such as chest tightness, itching in the throat, and wheezing. Cough can be accompanied by expectoration. Nebulizers especially for professional compressor nebulizers will be your better choice to relieve your cough and protect your respiratory system.


For new mothers, especially for working mothers, your baby care will be also bother you a lot and you need breast pumps for feeding, bottle sterilizer for cleaning.


On June 21-23rd, 2023, At the Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida, let’s meet at Booth A46 of FIME.


You will see more new develpments and our working mother sales will discuss healthcare with you and take care of children easily during your work.


See you next week!

FIME 2023 invitation

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