Happy Children’s Day & Best Wishes for Dragon Boat Festival

Yesterday is Children’s Day and Tomorrow is Dragon Boat Festival,, one of China's four traditional festivals. This year, the annual International Children's day meets the Dragon Boat Festival.

As we all know, these two festivals are derived from sad stories. Now, in the era of peace, we can commemorate and celebrate them with joy and delicious food.

Childrens' Day


As a manufacturer of medical devices, Joytech Healthcare also develops and produces children's healthcare and maternal and infant products. From newborns to adults, you deserve health monitoring products.


On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, we, Joytech Healthcare, organized the Dragon Boat Festival sachet activity. The sachet made of Chinese herbal medicine DIY carries good wishes for the festival.

Joytech Dragon Boat Festival


Best wishes to the children and all of us.

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