How do you set the Date and Time on a DBP-2253 Blood Pressure Monitor?

Firstly, thanks and congratulate for buying Joytech digital wrist blood pressure monitor DBP-2253. It is a hot sale model with compact design but large screen. There are only two buttons of this model while you can do all settings of its functions.

 BP Monitor DBP-2253

Below are instructions for System Settings before measurement start:


With power off, press ON/OF button about 3 seconds to actuate system settings.

1. Select memory Group

Wile in the System Setting mode you may accumulate test results into 2 different groups. This allows multiple users to save individual test results ( up to 60 memories per group). Press “M” button to choose a group setting. The test results will automatically store in each selected group.


2. Time/Date setting

Press ON/OFF button again to set the Time/Date mode. Set the year first by adjusting the “M” button. Press ON/OFF button again to confirm current month. Continue setting the day, hour and minute in the same way. Every time the ON/OFF button is pressed, it will lock in your selection and continue in succession. ( month,day,hour minute)


3. Time Format Setting

Press ON/OFF button again to set the time format mode.Set the time format by adjusting the “M” button . EU means European Time US means U.S Time.


4. Voice Setting

Press ON/OFF button to enter voice setting mode.Set voice format ON or OFF by pressing the "M" button.


5. Volume Setting

Press ON/OFF button to enter volume setting mode. Set the voice volume by adjusting the "M" button . There are six volume levels.


6. Save Settings

While in any setting mode, press ON/OFF button about 3 seconds to turn the unit off. All information will be saved.


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