How is your experience in the 133th. Canton Fair

The 133rd Canton Fair will close today (5th.). As of yesterday (May 4th), a total of 2.837 million visitors have entered the exhibition, and the exhibition area and number of participating enterprises at this year's Canton Fair have reached historic highs. The gathering of thousands of merchants showcases the unique charm and attraction of the Canton Fair to the world.


From the first phase of the exhibition to this third phase, it is a long lasting exhibition feast. Products covering different walks of life are showing in the 20 pavilions.


Medical devices products are showing at pavilion 6.1, 7.1 and 8.1. We have brought new products developed and produced over the past three years, just to help more customers find them.


We Joytech healthcare are developing and manufacturing quality products for your healthy life. Food, clothing and office supplies are showing together with our medical devices during the phase. There is always a category and a product that can impress you and you deserve a more comfortable and healthier life.


Thanks for your visiting and see you at the next 134th. Canton Fair.

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