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How to choose the right supplier of medical devices?

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Buyers may all know principle of Q.C.D.S of choosing suppliers.


Q.C.D.S indicates Quality, Cost, Delivery and Service.


Regardless of the industry's procurement, quality control is always the top priority. Only qualified products will be sold out to your customers and customers’ customers.


Cost control will be another ability of a good supplier. It reflects the cost control capability and production management level of a company.


Delivery management is significant as it affects our delivery to our retailers and regular clients so stable delivery will be more popular.


For medical devices, not only normal products sourcing / rich product line, OEM / ODM and long term warranty, but also registration supports will be  .


Medical devices involve human safety and laws and regulations. All kinds of medical certification and registration cost you a lot of time and money, blindly pursue low price, once you buy substandard quality products, smashing your signboard is not worth the loss.


So cooperation in medical devices will normally be long-term partnership.


Joytech Healthcare is a leading China manufacturer of home care medical devices such as digital thermometers, blood pressure monitors, infrared thermometers, breast pumps and pulse oximeters.

New categories of other home care products such as compressor nebulizers are coming soon for sale.


As a factory with more than 2000 members and 3 factory facilities with more than 30 production lines, Joytech was approved by ISO 13485 and MDSAP. We are able to support your business expansion.


All products on sale have passed clinical validation.


Joytech blood pressure monitors were the first batch to be approved by EU MDR in 2022 in China.


We currently work with some major companies such as Beurer, Philips, Laica, WalMart, Mabis, Graham Field, Cardinal Healthcare and Medline to name a few.


We are willing to show you our best quality, best services and of course best prices. Welcome to inquire for what you are interested in.


certificates of Joytech Healthcare for medical devices



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