How to use a breast pump?

Breast pump is a friendly tool for working moms to continue their breast feeding.For new moms, we know less about how to choose a suitable breast pump and we even do not know how to use a breast pump.

Mothers agree that electric breast pumps will be more labor-saving and efficient for breast pumping during work time.

How to use an electric pump?

Make sure all your breast pump parts are clean and sterilized before use. Read the manual to familiarize yourself with the process. When you’re ready to pump, find a quiet place with an outlet, if needed. Some electric pumps may work with batteries. Then follow these general steps.

A.Wash your hands to ensure they are clean.

B.Assemble the breast shield, milk container, tubing, and breast pump.

C.Position the breast shield over your breast. It should be fitted and not painful. The tunnel size should be 3 to 4 millimeters larger than your nipple. Center it and press gently to make a good seal.

D.Think about your baby to stimulate the let-down reflex. Turn the pump on at a low intensity setting. You can increase the intensity slowly as long as it isn’t painful. Continue to adjust until milk flows.

E.After each use, clean the breast shield and all parts that came into contact with the breast milk. Each breast pump will have different cleaning instructions as listed in the manual. Follow these carefully.

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