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How to use infrared thermometer DET-3011 rotatable type ?

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Various of infrared thermometers are developed during these years because of COVID. Joytech also developed several models of infrared thermometers except DET-306.


DET-3010, DET-3011 and DET-3012 are three non-contact models and each has their own features. DET-3010 looks like a small hammer, it is compact and fashion and also like Arts and Crafts. DET-3012 is user-friendly design for handling and measuring. DET-3011 is a model with 270 degree rotatable probe head. All the three models are with 2 probes. One for temperature measurement the other for distance detection.


There are only two buttons on this forehead thermometer while it have so many functions such as basic turn on or turn off function, body / object mode switching, time setting, talking setting, measurement record checking and ℃/℉ switching. Then how to use infrared thermometer DET-3011 rotatable type by only two buttons for all the above function settings?


The best design is the rotatable probe head. When you rotate the probe head, the thermometer will be turned on and return back the thermometer will be off. Then you can rotate the probe head to take your temperature at any direction as per your convenience.


Then you can long press the setting and the measurement button to achieve other functions.


Details of the infrared thermometers please contact us.



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