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Joytech breast pump received a warm response at K+J in Cologne Germany

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Joytech Healthcare, as a professional medical device manufacturer, is participating in the K+J Maternal and Child Exhibition held in Cologne, Germany. At the exhibition, our wearable breast pump and breast pump with a small night light attracted enthusiastic attention and praise from customers and friends from Europe and even around the world.


Breast pumps are considered medical devices abroad, and our company has 20 years of experience in medical device production. We seize this market demand and vigorously develop breast pump products. At the exhibition, our product manager had in-depth communication and discussion with professional clients from around the world, sharing the latest research and development achievements and market trends of breast pumps.


Our breast pump products have won unanimous praise from customers for their excellent performance and user-friendly design. We believe that through our efforts, our breast pump products will achieve greater success in the global market.


We thank all the customers and friends who participated in the exhibition for their support and trust, which has given us confidence to continue moving forward. We will continue to be committed to providing the highest quality products and services, making greater contributions to global maternal and child health.


The exhibition is still ongoing, and if you are interested in our products in Cologne, Germany, you are welcome to visit and negotiate at the booth.

K+J-Joytech Healthcare


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