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Joytech Jumbo LCD thermometer

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Joytech have the latest technology to bring you fast, accurate and reliable temperature testing products in a safe and reliable manner. Joytechs’ new digital thermometer DMT-4759 has the following 4 characteristics

未命名 (900 × 900, 像素)

℉/℃ Switchable: LCD screen shows temperature clearly and units either in℉ or ℃. Change the unit based on your using habits by pressing ON/OFF button for 4 seconds.

Waterproof Tip: The tip of our digital basic thermometer is water-resistant, you can freely use it for the whole family members as you can clean it with alcohol pads after each use.


ACCURATE MEASUREMENT:The adult thermometer provides high accuracy with its sensitive probe tip, and the measurement range is 90.0℉~111.9℉.Intended for easy at-home temperature measurement and monitoring


PREDICTIVE MEASURING AND FAST READING:This DMT-4759 digital thermometer provides a fast temperature measurement within 10/20/30 seconds. This oral Thermometer is for adults, infants, babies and kids.It can work for oral,underarm and rectal use.easy and convenient.

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