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Joytech New Infrared Ear thermometer

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Infrared ear thermometer is an excellent tool for taking body temperature, especially for a baby or a hyperactive kid. The infrared ear thermometer can take an accurate reading within one second. No other thermometers can do this. Unlike an oral thermometer, you can take the temperature while the baby is asleep. Joytech new launched infrared ear thermometer DET-1013 has the following five characteristics:


Fast Reading & High Accuracy: The infrared forehead thermometer is a device capable of measuring people's body temperature by detecting the intensity of infrared light emitted from the forehead. It converts the measured heat into a temperature reading displayed on the screen



℉/℃ Switchable: . Temperature readings are available in the Fahrenheit or Celsius scale. You can refer to owner's manual to switch the ℉/℃ scale easily.


Bluetooth & LCD Display: The digital fever thermometer will start to soft beep with red back-light to warn you may have a fever if the temperature exceeds 38℃/100.4℉. Our infrared thermometer has a large LCD backlight screen allows easy reading even in day and night.the Bluetooth function can upload your test result in our app and it is suitable for your family to track health status every day!


30 Reading Memories: There are each 30 sets memories for forehead and object measurements. Each memory also records the measurement date/time/mode icon


Easy to Use: This infrared ear thermometer features infrared technology that takes a temperature in seconds. It’s gentle, with a one button design and easy to use controls, so it can be used as a baby thermometer, for kids and as a thermometer for adults.


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