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Joytech Rigid Tip Digital Thermometer

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Joytech’s new digital thermometer DMT-4161 uses innovative technology to improve product performance and enhance product quality on the basis of a comprehensive upgrade of its appearance.The new product has the following four characteristics.

Waterproof (1)

PREDICTIVE MEASURING AND FAST READING:This DMT-4161 digital thermometer provides a fast temperature measurement within 10/20/30 seconds. This Oral Thermometer is for Adults, Infants, Babies and Kids.It can work for Oral,Underarm and Rectal use.Easy and convenient.

 Quick response (1)

ACCURATE MEASUREMENT:The adult thermometer provides high accuracy with its sensitive probe tip, and the measurement range is 90.0℉~111.9℉.Intended for easy at-home temperature measurement and monitoring.


LARGE SCREEN WITH FEVER ALARM: You can read the digital thermometer fast and easily with the large screen and the baby thermometer also provides fever alarm,auto shut-off,℉ to ℃ mode switch,and long-life battery. The thermometer also comes with the manual.

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WATERPROOF AND EASY TO CLEAN: If you accidentally fall the thermometer into the water, don't worry, our products are designed to be 100% waterproof and have undergone multiple tests, so they can be used normally in water. Likewise, this product can be cleaned with water.

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