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Joytech Will Participate in The China (Poland, UAE, Mexico) Trade Fair 2021

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Hangzhou takes the lead in building "Overseas Hangzhou" exhibition platform in China, and has completed the layout of ten overseas exhibition platforms so far, Hangzhou planned to resume holding China(Poland) Trade Fair, China(UAE) Trade Fair and China (Mexico) Trade Fair in December in combination with the main export markets of Hangzhou foreign trade enterprises, local epidemic prevention and control situation and overseas exhibition foundation in Hangzhou. Each exhibition will last for three days.

2021 China (Poland) Trade Fair

Date/time: 2021.12.01-12.03

Place: Warsaw Exhibition Center

Exhibition scale: 5000 square meters, 300 standard booths

2021 China (UAE) Trade Fair

Date/Time: 2021.12.07-12.09

Place: Dubai World Trade Center

Exhibition Scale: 8000 square meters, 400 standard booths

2021 China (Mexico) Trade Fair

Date/Time: 2021.12.13-12.15

Place: New Mexico City Convention Center

Exhibition scale: 5000 square meters, 300 standard booths


As a major supplier of health products in China, Joytech has established a loyal reputation for global customers in terms of quality, innovation and service. Comply with European CE and US FDA certification. As a leading manufacturer that designs and design products with minimal outsourcing, Joytech has the ability to provide consumers with high-quality medical devices at a satisfacory price, and also we will show you our latest blood pressure monitor, digital thermometer, infrared thermometer in these trade fairs, We sincerely invite you to each of these trade fairs and really look forward to meeting you there.


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Address:No.365, Wuzhou Road, Yuhang Economic Development Zone,311100,Hangzhou,China


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