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Safety Production Month- Joytech’s production management gives you more confidence

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June 2022 is the 21st.China Safety Production Month. “Abide by the safety production law and be the first responsible person” is the topic of this activity.

As an activity to regulate work safety, it has been publicized for 21 sessions with different themes and forms, and the concept of work safety has already been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As a large factory with more than 2000 employees, Joytech medical has strict standards in terms of safety production.

1.Before Production
As a medical industry, the products produced are related to the life and health of consumers. Therefore, the employees of Joytech must provide the physical examination materials before they join Joytech and join the production activities when they are in good health. The raw materials ABS and TPE used in Joytech electronic thermometer, electronic blood pressure monitor and other medical devices are all in high-grade medical grade.


2.During Production
Joytech people adhere to the 7S management system. In particular, all standards on the production line have processes, which are included in the production assessment, and require employees to strictly implement them.
At the same time, the quality inspection department of Joytech has more than 100 people. In addition to the finished product inspection before warehousing and the goods inspection before shipment on each production line, there are also patrol inspectors who go to each production line from time to time every day to spot check the production specification problems and the secondary inspection of goods, so as to ensure that the landing production of products meets various indicators.


3.After Production
For the products produced by Joytech, various test reports and certificate applications will be made according to the requirements of each market. Only the products that pass the test or obtain the certificate will be introduced to the market. Our professional sales team will also recommend products that meet your market certification needs according to your needs.

Joytech insists that all products are produced and sold by itself, ensuring that the quality of products delivered to consumers is safe and controllable.

Quality products for a healthy life! You deserve it.

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