Sejoy 20th Anniversary-Quality Products for a Healthy Life.

In 2002, Hangzhou Sejoy Electronics & Instruments Co., Ltd. set up and our first digital thermometers and blood pressure monitors were developed and manufactured. Until 2022, Sejoy group developed to be a manufacturer R&D large scale of products in household medical devices and POCT product lines.


 Development path

Covering an area of 103 Mu, the project with an annual output of 56million medical devices was officially started. Together with his brother company Joytech Healthcare, Sejoy will enter a new stage of development with high productivity. 


People’s life is better and better and more and more attention will be paid to health. We Sejoy will constantly develop quality products for your healthy life.

 Joytech exclusive chip

Happy Birthday and let’s continue to run firmly towards the next 20 years.


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WhatsApp Online Chat !