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The new workshops of Joytech Healthcare Co., Ltd. has been completed

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In June last year, the foundation laying ceremony of Joytech new plant was held. On August 8 this year, the new plant was completed. In this happy day, the leaders all set off firecrackers to celebrate the completion of the new factory.


Looking back on the past year, the epidemic has been repeated, but the construction of our new factory has never stopped. As a brother company of Hangzhou Sejoy Electronics & Instruments Co., Ltd, Joytech Healthcare will continue to develop production, develop innovation and create a healthy life for us. 

RemoteMediaFile_for joytech new plant

As a leading manufacturer of household medical devices such as digital thermometers, blood pressure monitors and infrared thermometers, etc., Quality products for a healthy life will be our constant slogan.


Next step is the decoration of the newly built buildings. Let's look forward to it.

Joytech new plant


Joytech new buildings

Joytech New factory

Contact us for a healthier life

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