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What does a digital thermometer look like?

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As a substitute for mercury thermometers, digital thermometers are becoming more and more popular. Various of digital thermometer appearance were developed as per different application needs. What does a digital thermometer look like? It should be as per the application of the digital thermometers.


Joytech R&D digital body temperature thermometers.


  1. For measurement through armpit, basal digital thermometers with rigid and flexible tips are all available. Some digital thermometers are with transparent body.


  1. For measurement in mouth, digital thermometers with rigid and flexible tips are all available, flexible tip ones are more suitable for safety.


  1. For measurement in rectum, the tip of the digital thermometers should be shorter than normal ones and flexible tip one should be safer than rigid ones.

digital thermometers

  1. For baby temperature measurement, pacifier type thermometer was also developed. For continuous monitoring of baby temperature, baby sticker or wristband type digital thermometer was also developed and it works together with phone APP for data record or temperature condition remind.


  1. Joytech Healthcare also developed mercury-like digital thermometer for the people who are accustomed to mercury thermometer readings.

mercury like digital thermometer

  1. As COVID broken out, infrared thermometers are hot sale in recent years. Kinds of user friendly forehead and ear thermometers were developed.


Medical Healthcare is one of high threshold industries as all manufacturers should ISO 13485 and MDSAP approved. Joytech was started with digital thermometers and we are dedicated to R&D kinds of thermometers constantly. Joytech is qualified with all above certificates. OEM /ODM and JDM are available. Welcome to send us an inquiry to learn more.




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