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Which is more important, making money or taking care of children? A useful breast pump will tell you…

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In China, even though we have almost half year of maternity leave it is hard to balance our work and taking care of new born baby.


Weaning and returning to the workplace, Or resignation as a full-time caregiver is becoming a difficult decision for new moms.


As we all know,breast milk is the best food for babies. Weaning is not a friendly decision for us.


Portable breast pumps are developed to be a desirable tool for the moms who do not want to do the decision. They choose to take time to pump breast milk for their babies during work.


The ideal breast pump should be painless, high efficient and definitely safe.


Breastfeeding working mothers are more physically and mentally exhausted so painless breast pump maybe helpful for relax and then more lacation of breast milk.


As a working mom, not taking up too much time from work will be long-term condition for both ways. Meanwhile, milk shelf life is short. High efficiency should be a significant specification for the breast pumps.


New born babies are fragile, breast pumps should without BPA and some other harmful ingredients.


Joytech is a manufacturing focus on healthy products with medical grade. Our breast pumps are customized for famous brands overseas. You can trust us as well.

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