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Wish you peace and health-Dragon Boat Festival 2023

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There are so many legends of Dragon Boat Festival. Most famous one is the Commemoration of Qu Yuan.


When Dragon Boat Festival is related to our healthy life, people believing that May 5th is a bad month and a bad day, related cultural activities have emerged, forming distinctive customs such as "avoiding the Five Poisons" and "avoiding the Dragon Boat Festival". Even on the day of Dragon Boat Festival, we cannot say that it is happy, but rather that it is healthy.


The Dragon Boat Festival is generally held after the last ten days of May every year, which is the beginning of summer. The daily maximum temperature is generally around 30 ℃. The temperature is high, the relative humidity of the air is high, and the human body is prone to damp heat. At the same time, the hot and humid weather is conducive to the reproduction of snakes, insects, rats, ants, etc., so we wear sachets, wormwood, and drink Realgar wine to avoid snakes, insects, rats, ants, and moisture.


Wish you peace and health during the season full of moisture. Do not forget to prepare some home use healthcare products such as fast reading digital thermometers, household arm and wrist type blood pressure monitors and compressor nebulizers.


Useful home use medical devices will let you feel at ease.


Joytech will have 3 days of holiday from 22nd. to 24th. June this week.


Joytech members are learning how to make Zongzi before the holiday. Do you know how to make it?

how to make zongzi


Contact us for a healthier life

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