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Each year Joytech will invest 10 percent of annual output for 
automatic equipment and R&D department.

Government Certified Technology

 With 20 years of development and market validation, Joytech technologies advantages have been improving rapidly. 
 Continuously introducing high-quality talents and advanced equipment, Joytech revenue reached to USD250 million.

 In domestic market, Hangzhou Enterprise High tech R&D Center has issued a Class II Medical Device Municipal Enterprise High tech Research and Development Center Certificate to Joytech Healthcare since 2021. 
 Joytech products are user-friendly and comply with regulations for medical devices in various overseas markets.

Safe And Accurate

 Joytech has our own mould workshop so that we can control the quality of plastic or silica gel material in our own factory. 
 High level ABS and TPE and internal spares are applied to Joytech products so some person who inquired said your price is high. However, We know medical equipment involves human safety and laws and regulations. 
 All kinds of medical certification and registration cost you a lot of time and money, blindly pursue low price, once you buy substandard quality products, smashing your signboard is not worth the loss.
 Joytech is developing new functions to achieve the accuracy of our monitoring medical devices such as digital thermometers and blood pressure monitors.

High Efficiency

 There are more than 100 professional members of Joytech R&D department and each category has a corresponding team responsible for optimizing old products and developing new ones.
Many old products on sale are exclusively sold by major customers. Not only new products with technologies are needed but also new customers need new models available for sale.

Product managers who have studied abroad and overseas sales presentative can quickly explore overseas market demand. We launch several series of new products every year.

Meanwhile Joytech own industrial park has put into production since 2023. Equipment department has developed kinds of automatic equipment for high efficient production and packing. Thermometers daily output will be more than 400 thousand.

In our new manufactory, 2000㎡ and 24meters high automated warehouse can load much more storage for your orders.
Our Certification


Name Size Downloads Update Thumbnail Copy Link Download
XM-114 Users Manual English -Applicable for CE market.pdf 3.22MB 31 2024-04-15 download Copy Link Download
XM-113 Users Manual English -Applicable for CE market.pdf 3.26MB 31 2024-04-15 download Copy Link Download
XM-112 Users Manual English -Applicable for CE market.pdf 3.25MB 48 2024-04-15 download Copy Link Download
XM-111 Users Manual English -Applicable for CE market.pdf 3.57MB 39 2024-04-15 download Copy Link Download
DET-215 Infrared Thermometer Users Manual-English.pdf 2.16MB 17 2024-04-02 download Copy Link Download
DET-219 Infrared Thermometer Users Manual-English.pdf 2.04MB 60 2024-04-02 download Copy Link Download
DS-22 Infrared Thermometer Users Manual-English.pdf 2.06MB 8 2024-04-02 download Copy Link Download
DMT-3043 Digital Thermometer Users Manual-English.pdf 3.65MB 83 2024-04-02 download Copy Link Download
SBC35 Blood Pressure Monitor Users Manual.pdf 1.34MB 80 2024-04-01 download Copy Link Download
证书.png 1.45MB 1 2024-03-28 download Copy Link Download
JoyHealth APP 1KB 0 2023-11-01 download Copy Link Download

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​LD-2010 electronic breast pump is designed for mom breasfeeding at night with LED lamp. 2-Phase design, easy for stimulation and expression. Single breast pump is helpful for breastfeeding and sucking at the same time.
XM-114 fingertip pulse oximeter is with LED display. A pulse oximeter uses two frequencies of light (red and infrared) to determine the percentage (%)of hemoglobin in the blood that is saturated with oxygen.
DMT-4333 digital thermometer is with flexible tip and waterproof one. The response time is 10s/20s/30s as per your request.
Model no.: DMT-4333
Measurement range: 32.0 °C to 42.9 °C
Measurement accuracy: ± 0.1 °C between 35.5 °C and 42.0 °C
Battery: 1.5 V battery, size LR41, SR41 or UCC 392
Display: LCD display
DET-1015 ear thermometer is measuring in ear and it is much more accurate. 1 second fast measuring time is suitable for multi person temperature measurement.
Model no.: DET-1015
Unit dimension: 14.6 x 3.8 x 5.7 cm
Weight: 117g (with battery)
Measuring range: 34.0°C - 43.0 °C
Measuring accuracy: ±0.2 °C between 35.5 - 42.0 °C
Battery: 2 pcs of AA 1.5V battery
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South America & Australia Market: Freddy Fan 
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