Are forehead thermometers accurate

Forehead thermometers have become a popular option to scan large numbers of people, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But many people will have the question : are forehead thermometers accurate ?

Before the results , Let’s take a look at how forehead temperature works ? With other body zones to choose from, why take the temperature of the forehead in comparison to an internal reading? Blood flow to the forehead is supplied via the temporal artery which then allows heat to be emitted as infrared energy. This heat can then be captured by our cone shaped collector found at the end of the forehead thermometer. This heat is then converted into core body temperature and is displayed on the device.

The accuracy of forehead thermometer is on a par with internal body probes but less invasive.

By the way , the FDA writes that a draft, direct sunlight, or a radiant heat source could affect the temperature reading and make it inaccurate . It also could be inaccurate if a person has been wearing a head wrap or headband before taking it or if they have sweat or dirt on their forehead. So we should pay attention to these details before measuring .

Anyway , the advantage of the forehead thermometer is obviously .It can quickly return a temperature result and do not require any contact between people. They have good levels of accuracy, and easy for measuring .

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