Can you use infrared thermometer on humans?

Significant changes in the recording of human body temperature have been taking place worldwide in recent years.


Yes, you can use a general-purpose medical infrared thermometer to measure human temperature through ear drum or on forehead. 


During COVID, why the infrared temperature detector occupies such an important position in the process of comprehensive resumption of work and production is because of the advantages of the infrared temperature detector, which can work non-contact, 24 hours a day, without the need for cooperation of the tested personnel, and without sensing the temperature; The measured personnel can complete the temperature measurement without stopping during normal walking, and the temperature measurement efficiency is obviously more than 3 times higher than that of hand-held temperature measurement.


The working principle of the infrared thermometer is that in nature, in addition to the light that can be seen by human eyes (usually called visible light), there are also non visible light such as ultraviolet and infrared rays. Any object with a temperature higher than absolute zero (- 273 ℃) in nature will radiate electromagnetic waves (infrared rays) at any time. Therefore, infrared rays are the most widespread electromagnetic waves in nature, and thermal infrared rays will not be absorbed by atmospheric smoke and clouds. With the rapid development of science and technology, infrared radiation is used to detect and measure thermal radiation by using the combination of applied electronic technology, computer software and infrared technology.


Infrared thermometers for humans consist of an IR probe, electronic circuitry, a microprocessor, and an LCD or LED display.


The human body infrared thermometer measures the temperature by measuring the heat radiated from the measured object (human body surface, ear cavity, etc.) through the detector. Therefore, the closer the measured person is to the thermometer, the higher the temperature measurement accuracy.


Joytech infrared forehead thermometers should be used within 3cm to 5cm. 1 second measurement makes the temperature measurement in high efficiency.


Joytech infrared thermometer DET-3011 with rotatable probe head will be a better choice for your home use temperature monitoring tool.


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