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Fresh and soothing macaron color. Precision you can trust, convenience you’ll love

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For the patient with fever, they will feel frustrated and be impatient. Taking measurement for body temperature and drinking drug will be harder. Then a thermometer with attractive design and fast reading response time should be helpful for this problem.


Joytech developed the series of macaron color design of medical thermometers for fever. The fresh and soothing macaron color. Precision you can trust, convenience you'll love.


The colorful thermometers are with 60s reading time, the same with our common read thermometers which is accurate for temperature testing.


This week, my daughter got a fever and cough a lot. We felt hot when approaching her. I took temperature with our DMT-101 digital thermometer. It is with 60s response time. Several seconds after putting thermometer into her mouth, Bibibi... Fever alarm function worked. It is 38 centigrade. 60s later, is reading time. The usually correct temperature measurement method is keeping the temperature in your mouth and when continuously stopping at some degrees for a few seconds. It should be much more accurate.


Past years, mercury thermometers should be hold for 5 minutes. Now we have professional digital thermometers which are fast,safe and accurate.


And my daughter will be intrested in the soothing colors. She will be willing to keep in mouth for more than 60s. My son is not like this. He will resist all temperature measurements, very uncooperative. So flexible tip digital thermometers with 10s fast reading response time should be better choice for him.


Mom will know more about her children than any others. There are so many kinds of home use digital thermometers on the market. You can choose as per the characteristics of one's own child.


Highly recommend joytech new colorful digital thermometers. They are suitable for children and females.


Joytech healthcare is factory manufacturing thermometers, you can customize with your own brand. Welcome to have a visit.

new digital thermometers


Contact us for a healthier life

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