How do I set DATE & TIME for the DBP-6191 blood pressure monitor?

DBP-6191 blood pressure monitor is the new developed model in 2022. There are only two buttons for the bp monitor while you can use them set all functions of the item.


With power off, keep pressing "START/STOP" button for 3 seconds to activate System Settings. The memory group icon flashes.


  1. Memory Group Setting

While in the System Setting mode, you may accumulate test results into 2 different groups. This allows multiple users to save individual test results (up to 60 memories per group.) Press " MEM " button to choose a group setting. Test results will automatically store in each selected group.


  1. Time/Date Setting

Press “START/STOP” button again to set the Time/Date mode. Set the year first by adjusting the “MEM” button. Press “START/STOP” button again to confirm current month. Continue setting the date, hour and minute in the same way. Every time the “START/STOP” button is pressed, it will lock in your selection and continue in succession ( month,date,hour, minute).


  1. Time Format Setting

Press “ START/STOP ”button again to set the time format setting mode.Set the time format by adjusting the“MEM” button. EU means European Time. US means U.S Time.


  1. Voice Setting

Press "START/STOP" button to enter voice setting mode. Set voice format ON or OFF by pressing the "MEM" button.


  1. Volume Setting

Press "START/STOP" button to enter volume setting mode. Set the voice volume by adjusting the "MEM" button .


  1. Saved Setting

While in any setting mode, keep pressing " START/STOP " button for 3 seconds to turn the unit off. All information will be saved.


Note: If unit is left on and not in use for 3 minutes, it will automatically save all information and shut off.


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