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How to use digital thermometer?

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In our daily life, when baby has a fever some parents will worry a lot and hurry to see a doctor. Actually, we can use home use digital thermometers to monitor your temperature and do some physical cooling. However, digital thermometers with various of functions are launched to the market, someone will do not know how to use digital thermometer.


Fortunately, almost all manufacturers will design a user’s manual for each piece of digital thermometers.


Joytech Healthcare is a leading digital thermometer with daily output of 400 thousand pcs.


Take flexible tip thermometer DMT-4760 for example:

 digital thermometers


1. Replace battery when low battery mark appears in the lower right corner of LCD display.

2. Put a thin board such as a coin on fillister of cover. Turn the battery anti-clockwise until the cover is off

(See Figure 3).

3. Use a non-metal instrument such as a pen to remove old battery from the battery holder (See Figure 4).

Discard battery according to local law.

4. Place a new into the chamber with positive side facing up(See Figure5).

5. With a thin pin to turn the cover clockwise until the arrow facing towards lock mark (See Figure 6)

After installation or replacement of batteries, we can use digital thermometers for measurement.


  1. Press the On/Off Button next to LCD display. A tone will sound as the screen shows words, followed by last recorded temperature. The thermometer is now in the testing mode.

2. Position thermometer in desired location (mouth, rectum, or armpit.)

a) Oral Use: Place thermometer under tongue as indicated by position shown in Figure 2. Close your mouth and breathe evenly through the nose to prevent the measurement from being influenced by inhaled/exhaled air.

b) Rectal Use: Lubricate silver probe tip with petroleum jelly for easy insertion. Gently insert sensor approximately 1cm (less than 1/2 ) into rectum.

c) Armpit Use: Wipe armpit dry. Place probe in armpit and keep arm pressed firmly at side.

From a medical viewpoint, this method will always provide inaccurate readings, and should not

be used if precise measurements are required.

3. The degree sign flashes throughout the testing process. When flashing stops an alarm will beep for approximately 10 seconds. The measured reading will appear on the LCD simultaneously. The

minimum measurement time until the signaling tone (beep) must be maintained without exception. The measurement continues even after the buzzer notification.

  1. To prolong battery life, press the On/Off Button to turn unit off after testing is complete. If no action is taken, the unit will automatically shut off after around 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, you can also choose feverline function for the digital thermometers. It is easier for you to read and judge the fever result.


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