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Mercury sphygmomanometer is better than digital blood pressure monitors-Truth or Prejudice?

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A small story in a hospital:

Today, a patient came to the hospital. The nurse took his blood pressure with an digital blood pressure monitors, 165/96 mmhg. The patient suddenly lost his temper. Why not use a mercury sphygmomanometer to measure me? The electronic blood pressure measurement is not accurate at all. I measured with a mercury sphygmomanometer at home, and it has never exceeded 140/90. There is a problem with the digital blood pressure monitors.


Then he cursed at the nurse station all the time, and scolded and cried the interns. Helpless, the nurse in charge brought a mercury sphygmomanometer to him and measured it again. Unexpectedly, it was higher, 180/100mmhg. The patient couldn't say anything now, but felt a headache. We quickly prescribed him a tablet of anti-hypertensive medicine, and the blood pressure was retested in 30 minutes, dropping to 130/80mmHg.


In fact, digital blood pressure monitors and mercury sphygmomanometer are all accurate. When the patient is excited, his blood pressure is higher, so why does he never get high at home? It is likely that the measurement method is wrong, or the sphygmomanometer in his home is not accurate, or it may be white coat hypertension. Some friends have low blood pressure at home. When they come to the hospital and see the doctor, they are nervous, and their blood pressure is high. This situation is called white coat hypertension.


Mercury blood pressure will withdraw from the stage of history


Many friends think that mercury sphygmomanometers are more accurate. In fact, mercury sphygmomanometers are not necessarily accurate, and are being phased out.


Mercury is a kind of toxic silver white metal element, which will not only pollute the environment, but also harm people's body. If it is serious, it can lead to mercury poisoning and endanger life.


Therefore, mercury free medicine is being carried out all over the world. The United States, Sweden, Denmark and other countries have banned the use of mercury containing thermometers, blood pressure measuring devices and many other mercury containing devices.


Mercury sphygmomanometers not only have potential hazards. If mercury leaks, it is easy to be dangerous. Moreover, mercury sphygmomanometers need auscultation technology, which is difficult for ordinary people to master. Many elderly people have poor hearing, which is more likely to produce errors.


Moreover, the mercury sphygmomanometer cannot directly display the value, and the elderly friends have bad eyes. The value of the mercury sphygmomanometer is particularly small, which is very difficult to read.

 easy to read, easy to operate

If you plan to buy a mercury sphygmomanometer for your parents, Dr. Zeng advised you not to spend money wrongly. Many elderly people can't use it, and there are potential dangers.


Now all kinds of authoritative diagnosis and treatment guidelines for hypertension recommend digital blood pressure monitors as the first choice. digital blood pressure monitors are basically popularized in hospitals, and mercury sphygmomanometers are about to withdraw from the historical stage.


Instead of mercury sphygmomanometers, digital blood pressure monitors are more younger product. They are safe, portable and easy to operate as household medical devices. There maybe a lot of factors to affect the accuracy of digital blood pressure monitors and firstly we are not professional as doctors. We shared an article of WHAT IS THE BEST HOME BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR last month. It is a complete and objective discussion on digital blood pressure monitors.



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