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What is the best home blood pressure monitor?

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Before we find out what is the best home blood pressure monitor, lets learn about what kind of blood pressure monitor is a good blood pressure monitor.

For home use, easy-to-use should be a necessary factor for us to choose a blood pressure monitor. Hundreds of years ago, mercury sphygmomanometer are popular in blood pressure monitoring field. While now digital blood pressure monitors are hot sale in daily life and it becomes the best choice as home use blood pressure monitor.


Accuracy and multiple functions will be the main factors for people to choose a blood pressure monitor for home use. 


How to judge the accuracy of the blood pressure monitor?


  1. The China hypertension alliance and the National Center for cardiovascular disease recommend the use of upper arm electronic blood pressure monitors certified by three major institutions [ESH (European Society for hypertension), BHS (British Hypertension Association) and AAMI (American National Standard Institution)]. The certification of these three organizations is equivalent to the international gold standard. The certified electronic blood pressure monitors can ensure the accuracy of blood pressure measurement at home.


  1. As medical devices, certifications such as ISO13485, FSC, CE0197, ROHS, 510K listing and some other registration approval should be basic for blood pressure monitors.


  1. Arm type blood pressure monitors will be in higher accuracy than wrist and watch types. The arm type blood pressure monitors are relatively accurate because it measures the brachial artery. For patients with severe vascular sclerosis, vascular calcification, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and other blood disorders and vascular diseases, the blood pressure measurement values of the wrist and upper arm are usually very different, so the wrist type blood pressure monitor is not recommended.


  1. Measuring methods will also affect the accuracy of blood pressure monitors. Blood pressure data will be dynamic as per your body status and measurement postures. For example, when you come to the consulting room and sit down in a hurry, you need to measure your blood pressure, "Ge You's paralysis" posture, the cuff is hung on the arm bend or even on the forearm, and you move around during measurement. All these will affect the accuracy of blood pressure measurement.


What is the best home blood pressure monitor?

It depends on both your blood pressure monitor and measuring method.

Costs of brands and models will be different from some additional functions.


Basic functions are:


Single / Dual power supply


Memory bank 2*60

Average last 3 results

Blood pressure result indicator

Irregular heartbeat detection

Low battery detection

Automatic power-off


If you need it use for the elders the function should contain:



Larger LCD display

Bluetooth or WIFI for remote healthcare

Heart indicator

Cuff detection

Movement Indicator



If you need comfortable measurement, Measuring on inflation measurement method will be your better choice.


When your friends ask you What is the best home blood pressure monitor?


You can reply:

What suits you is the best!

arm blood pressure monitor

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