Breast Pump

Breast Pump

Healthcare professionals say that breast milk is the best nutrition for babies during the first year, combined with solid food after the first 6 months.

Joytech breast pumps can help you to breastfeed longer.

2-Phase design, easy for stimulation and expression. Soft and comfortable breast shield to fit snug against breast. All parts that touch breast-milk are made without BPA

OEM breast pumps for wholesale are available.

As a professional manufacturer of manual and electric breast pumps, Joytech are approved by worldwide famous brand and customize breast pumps for them. You can also learn about the topics of how to pump more breast milk at our website.

Now we are developing wearable breast pump and more rechargeable portable breast pump for new moms. Double breast pumps will save your time and avoid waste of breast milk. LED light  and soft colors make it feel ease and reassuring during breastfeeding at night. Mothers and babies both worth better partner for breastfeeding.