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Do You Know How To Nebulize Children at Home?

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Recently, there has been a major outbreak of respiratory diseases, and many children have accidentally fallen victim to the "cough cough" mode. In the sound of their children's coughs, many parents' first reaction is to give their children nebulization! Even, it suddenly caused the nebulizer to explode, doubling its value!

What kind of children are suitable for doing nebulization at home?

Many parents will immediately atomize their children when they encounter a cold or cough, but this is actually a form of nebulization abuse, which can easily make children dependent on drugs and may also weaken their ability to resist diseases.

Therefore, parents must consult a doctor before giving their children nebulization treatment to see if they are suitable for nebulization treatment! For children with post infection cough, bronchiolitis, Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection, wheezing bronchopneumonia, and some chronic lung diseases, nebulization therapy can be self administered at home.

Especially for children with pediatric bronchial asthma, home nebulization can achieve long-term maintenance treatment effects.

Simply put, if you want to nebulize your child, you must listen to a doctor!

Of course, mastering the correct operating methods is also necessary to ensure the effectiveness and safety of nebulization!

How to nebulize children at home?

Below, from the three aspects of "before nebulization", "during nebulization", and "after nebulization", what do we need to do to nebulize children at home?

  1. Before nebulization

l Choose a nebulizer that is suitable for children. For young or older children with severe conditions, you can choose a mask style nozzle. For older children with mild to moderate conditions, you can choose a mouthpiece nozzle.

l Avoid eating too much food before 30 minutes of nebulization to avoid nausea and vomiting during the process.

l Cleaning children's oral and respiratory secretions, such as brushing teeth, patting their backs, and coughing up phlegm, can make nebulization more effective.

l Do not apply oily face cream to children, which may make drugs absorbed on the face.

  1. During nebulization

l Choose medication under the guidance of a doctor and strictly follow their advice!

l Assemble the nebulizer correctly. If using a new nebulizer, you can first blow it into the air for 3-5 minutes to avoid residual odors in the tube and trigger asthma in children.

l Sitting or semi lying is more conducive to medication settling in the terminal bronchioles.

l The recommended dosage for each nebulization is 3-4 mL, and the recommended nebulization time is 10-15 minutes. If the medication is insufficient, you can follow the doctor's advice and add physiological saline to dilute appropriately. (Be sure to use physiological saline purchased from a pharmacy, but do not mix it yourself.)

l Gradually bring the mask closer to the child. At the beginning, the nebulizer mask can be placed 6-7cm away from the child, then reduced to 3cm, and finally placed close to the child's mouth and nose. This can gradually help the child adapt to the temperature of the nebulized liquid and reduce discomfort.

l Encourage the child to take calm or intermittent deep breaths, which can deepen the medication.

l When a child experiences crying, dizziness or nausea caused by breathing, coughing, etc., nebulization therapy should be suspended until the child has recovered before continuing treatment.

  1. After nebulization

l Timely clean the child's face and let them rinse their mouth with water or drink water in moderation, which can reduce drug residues and lower the incidence of fungal infections.

l Clean the nebulizer in a timely manner and regularly atomize it with clean water to check its performance. If the nebulizer sprays water droplets, it means the nebulizer needs to be replaced!

Christmas is coming soon, we hope you have a healthy body to welcome this joyful holiday.

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