Happy Father’s Day

It will be father’s day two days later. Happy father’s day to all the fathers from home and abroad in advance.


Do you live with your father/parents?

How old is your father please?

What will be your gift for your father for this Father’s Day?


We got some answers from our Joytech members.


Staff A:

“My hometown is far away from Hangzhou, I have not met my father for almost half year because of COVID. Travel becomes harder than before. My father is 60 years old. I will express a blood pressure monitor as a gift. I wanna him be healthy and happy.”

 Father's Day

Staff B:

“I live together with my parents and I am the only child. I am so appreciated of my parents. They help us a lot in daily life. Father’s Day is on Sunday. I plan to take them to an excursion during weekends. A fingertip pulse oximeter will be a better choice for my father.” 

 Happy Father's Day


Staff C:

“I am 31 years old. My father died when he was 39. It is disease took away his life. I miss him so much. I am happy to work in Joytech, a medical device manufacturer. I think it is important for all of us to monitor our health when we are healthy and young. Now diseases such as hypertension are becoming more prevalent among a younger age group. I hope all of you enjoy love from your father.”




There are so many stories from you and me. Then, what are your stories?

In the coming happy and nice Sunday, a healthy father will be better for a family.


Best wishes!

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