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What Does COVID-19 Do to Your Lungs?

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Two weeks ago, people go out of public places without restriction by health codes, COVID-19 spread around without knowing.


More and more symptoms feedback from infected people. As a respiratory disease, COVID-19 can cause a range of breathing problems, from mild to critical. Older adults and people who have other health conditions like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes may have more serious symptoms. What does COVID-19 do to your lungs?


SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is part of the coronavirus family.


When the virus gets in your body, it comes into contact with the mucous membranes that line your nose, mouth, and eyes. The virus enters a healthy cell and uses the cell to make new virus parts. It multiplies, and the new viruses infect nearby cells.


The new coronavirus can infect the upper or lower part of your respiratory tract. It travels down your airways. The lining can become irritated and inflamed. In some cases, the infection can reach all the way down into your alveoli.


It says that with full vaccination and the constant variation of the virus,the COVID-19 strain has become less toxic. It's more like a bad cold. People with good immunity may recover in 2-3 days or even have no symptoms. Normally, it takes about one week for common people without other diseases.A few people have even needed lung transplants because of severe tissue damage from COVID-19.


In order to avoid the hurt of our lungs we need to avoid infecting with the COVID-19 by monitoring body temperatures, wearing masks and doing daily disinfection.



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