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Happy Chinese Physicians’ Day

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We often have to confront things that humans instinctively fear


To protect life


Race against the clock


Struggle with Death




We always thought they were


The Guardian of Life


Occasionally overlooked


They are also friends


Also a child of parents


Remove professional medical attire


They are also ordinary people


8.19 Chinese Physicians' Day


We have prepared several questions


Doctors' answers


Has given us a new understanding of this profession


Q: As a doctor, what is the "label" you most want to remove?

A: I don't want to be sanctified and prefer to be seen as an ordinary person by the public, doing an ordinary job. Not all diseases can be cured, and doctors are not saviors, but we will do our best to treat every patient.


Q: Do you think the job of a doctor brings you a lot of pressure?

A: There is a lot of pressure, and emergency patients may have potential dangers at any time. We must always tighten the string of medical safety. However, over time, we have become accustomed to this work rhythm, and it is precisely this pressure that keeps us breaking through the upper limit.

Q: What is your motivation for pursuing the profession of a doctor?

A: As an obstetrician, whenever I hear a strong fetal heart rate, I feel genuinely happy. The joy and emotion of seeing mother and baby safe and healthy is unparalleled, and it is also what I am constantly moving forward with power.


Q: How do you balance work and family?

A: As a healthcare worker, I often cannot balance everything, so I owe my family a debt. I am also very grateful for their understanding and support over the years. I can only try my best to spend time with my family and do more for them.


Q: Many people are accustomed to searching for medical conditions online. Is "online search for treatment" reliable?

A: There is no shortage of false information and pseudo-scientific content on the internet, and "online search for treatment" is not a reliable path, but rather increases psychological burden. If you have any discomfort, you still need professional doctors and equipment for examination.


Q: How do you view doctors doing science popularization?

A: Doctors should not only treat diseases and emergencies, but also serve as health guardians. Professional and authoritative doctors who participate in science popularization provide more reliable channels for patients to obtain information, which is conducive to purifying the environment for spreading health science knowledge and improving the overall health literacy of the whole population.


Health and wellness are becoming increasingly family oriented. The development and application of popular medical knowledge and various household medical devices are not only an opportunity for patients to take responsibility for their own bodies, but also an opportunity for doctors and patients to participate together.


In the past, when we went to see a doctor, we only told them about our recent or current situation and feelings, and doctors provided diagnosis and treatment based on this. The popularization of household medical devices, diagnostic pressure, and monitoring pressure are no longer limited to doctors, and patients can monitor their bodies at home on a daily basis. Common examples include household electronic thermometers, household infrared thermometers, household electronic blood pressure meters, household electronic blood glucose meters, and so on.


Healthcare workers will be stronger when working together with home healthcare partners such as home use medical devices.

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