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  • The latest blood pressure standard is released-No longer be 120/80 but should be……
    Post time: 10-25-2022

    Since the great change of people's diet structure, it has become a paradise of food. On the basis of material conditions, what you want to eat can be satisfied. For this reason, simple food is gradually away from people's table, and the corresponding chronic disease team is growing.   Take hypert...Read more »

  • Discover the Very Best Sleeping Position to Combat Hypertension
    Post time: 05-17-2022

    Many of us are living with high blood pressure - where blood pumping too forcefully against the artery walls could cause health problems if left untreated.Also known as hypertension, it’s one of the most important risk factors for cardiovascular disease.As such, it’s essential to do everything we...Read more »

  • Does Running Lower Blood Pressure?
    Post time: 05-13-2022

    Giulia Guerrini, lead pharmacist for digital pharmacy Medino, says: “Having lower blood pressure is so important as it can reduce your risk of heart disease and strokes. Lower blood pressure will also reduce your risk of hypertension, a condition in which blood is forced, over a long period of ti...Read more »

  • Three Drinks to Lower Blood Pressure
    Post time: 05-10-2022

    Worried about high blood pressure? Try adding these heart-healthy drinks to your diet. Combined with regular exercise and a smart eating plan, they can help prevent and control hypertension. Here's how.   1. Low-fat or Nonfat Milk Raise your glass to milk: it's high in phosphorus, potassium and c...Read more »

  • Five Simple Steps to Control Your Blood Pressure
    Post time: 05-06-2022

    Uncontrolled high blood pressure (HBP or hypertension) can be fatal. If you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, these five simple steps can help you keep it under control:   Know your numbers Most people diagnosed with high blood pressure want to stay below 130/80 mm Hg, but your healthca...Read more »

  • Changes You Can Make to Manage High Blood Pressure
    Post time: 05-03-2022

    Fighting back against the “silent killer” High blood pressure (HBP, or hypertension) is a symptomless “silent killer” that quietly damages blood vessels and leads to serious health problems. While there is no cure, using medications as prescribed and making lifestyle changes can enhance your qual...Read more »

  • Understanding High Blood Pressure In Men
    Post time: 04-29-2022

    Dr. Hatch notes that blood pressure always fluctuates, and it can increase with stress or during exercise. You probably wouldn’t be diagnosed with high blood pressure until after you have been checked a few times.For men, the bad news is they are more likely to be found hypertensive than women. D...Read more »

  • Caffeine can cause a short but dramatic increase in your blood pressure
    Post time: 04-28-2022

    Coffee may offer some protection against:   • Parkinson’s disease. • Type 2 diabetes.   • Liver disease, including liver cancer.   • Heart attack and stroke.   The average adult in the U.S. drinks about two 8-ounce cups of coffee per day, which can contain around 280 milligrams of caffeine. For m...Read more »

  • Your Gut Health Might Be Making It Harder to Keep Your Blood Pressure in Check
    Post time: 04-22-2022

    Nearly one in every two American adults—about 47%—have been diagnosed with high blood pressure (or hypertension), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms. That statistic might make this malady seem so common that it's no big deal, but that's far from the truth. High bl...Read more »

  • Joytech invites you to the 131st canton fair
    Post time: 04-19-2022

    The 131st Canton Fair China Import and Export Fair continues to be held online for 10 days. According to the electronics, home appliances, machinery, consumer goods and other 16 categories of goods set up 50 exhibition areas, domestic and foreign exhibitors more than 25,000, and continue to set ...Read more »

  • Does Breast Milk Change When Your Baby Is Sick?
    Post time: 04-15-2022

    Even when your baby isn’t fighting a virus, your breast milk has a baseline of elements that help protect your baby from illnesses and infections. First, breast milk is full of antibodies. These antibodies are highest in colostrum, the milk your baby receives at birth and during the first few day...Read more »

  • Self-monitoring blood oxygen at home can help COVID patients spot early warning signs
    Post time: 04-12-2022

    A new research found that measuring blood oxygen levels at home is a safe way for people with COVID-19 to spot signs that their health could be deteriorating. Pulse oximeters are widely available, low-cost devices that shine light through a person’s finger to assess their blood oxygen saturation....Read more »

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