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The latest blood pressure standard is released-No longer be 120/80 but should be……

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Since the great change of people's diet structure, it has become a paradise of food. On the basis of material conditions, what you want to eat can be satisfied. For this reason, simple food is gradually away from people's table, and the corresponding chronic disease team is growing.


Take hypertension as an example, it has become an "invisible killer" in daily life. At present, there are more than 200 million patients with hypertension, almost one in every three people. In addition to adults, many teenagers and children also suffer from hypertension, and the prevalence rate is getting younger and younger.


This is why it is suggested that everyone should also have a blood pressure measuring instrument at home, which can facilitate people to detect blood pressure in a timely manner. If the blood pressure level is abnormal and beyond the normal range, it can be changed by adjusting the lifestyle if it occurs early. 


In our impression, it is generally believed that 120/80 is the normal range.

In fact, the latest blood pressure standard will be released: the blood pressure standard will no longer be 120/80 but should be divided into below details:


1. Systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure in normal range are 130/85mmHg.


2. The blood pressure level is in the range of 130~139/85~89mmHg, which is the critical value of hypertension, indicating that attention should be paid.


3. Clinically, the blood pressure level of 140/90mmHg is regarded as the real hypertension. It is necessary to take anti-hypertensive drugs every day and cooperate with good living habits to stabilize the condition and stay away from hypertension complications.


4. If your blood pressure level has exceeded the healthy range and is within the range of 140~159/90~99mmHg, it indicates that it is the standard of Grade 1 hypertension.


  1. If the blood pressure level is greater than 160/100mmHg, it indicates that it is Grade 2 hypertension.


In Joytech user’s manual of blood pressure monitors, Below Health Reminder part will help you learn and manage your blood pressure.

Health Reminder


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