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What are the symptoms of white lung and how long will it take for white lung to recover?

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White lung is currently a concern for many people, as severe lung infections may lead to white lung conditions, and many people do not know what white lung is. So, what are the symptoms of white lung? How long will it take for white lung treatment to recover?


What are the symptoms of white lung?


1. Typical Symptoms: The most typical symptom of this disease is dyspnea. If it is mild white lung disease, dyspnea usually occurs during intense activity, and is often overlooked or misdiagnosed as other lung diseases. As the condition progresses, patients may also experience difficulty breathing while at rest.


2. Other symptoms: Patients with difficulty breathing may also have symptoms such as dry cough and fatigue. Some patients may also experience clubbing between their fingers, while others may experience symptoms such as general discomfort, weight loss, and fever.


  1. Complicated symptoms: If white lung disease is combined with Emphysema, the patient will have shortness of breath, chest tightness and shortness of breath when slightly active. In severe cases, during nighttime sleep, the oxygen saturation of the blood can significantly decrease, leading to an increase in pulmonary arteries, leading to symptoms of snoring and apnea.


For patients with white lung, we have to monitor various indicators such as blood oxygen and body temperature for our health. Joytech is developing more electronic thermometers and multifunction infrared thermometers for your better use. Fingertip pulse oximeters are also portable for household use.


How long will it take for white lung to recover?


White lung can recover in about a week after treatment. Severe lung inflammation can lead to white lung disease, and how long it takes to recover depends on the patient's immune system and treatment. If active anti infection treatment and strengthened nutritional support are taken, it will generally gradually recover in about a week. Because the lung function is very fragile, Upper respiratory tract infection is easy to occur. For situations such as difficulty breathing and respiratory distress, such treatment may take a longer time and may take half a month or even a month to recover.


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