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Why do doctors use mercury and patients use electronic blood pressure monitors?

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A lot of friends ask doctor, why does the doctor of the hospital like to use electronic sphygmomanometer, but charge a patient to go home with electronic sphygmomanometer?



In fact, this is our misunderstanding, there is no such rule, the current electronic sphygmomanometer and mercury sphygmomanometer are in the common stage, the doctor is what to use, if patients will use mercury sphygmomanometer, can also use mercury sphygmomanometer.



By 2020, mercury free medical care will be achieved, and mercury sphygmomanometer will gradually be withdrawn from hospitals. Now it is just an interim stage. So, in hospitals, we can see sometimes using mercury sphygmomanometer, sometimes using electronic sphygmomanometer。

Many friends on the existence of electronic blood pressure, this is inevitable, because the market blood pressure monitor, there are some problems, often measurement is not accurate, misleading, to bring a lot of confusion to everyone, so, many people do not believe in electronic blood pressure monitor.

Actually the electronic blood pressure monitors used by our families are accurate.All passed FDA,CE,ISO13485,Roahs etc certificate.


Electronic blood pressure monitors have their own advantages:

1. No mercury, reducing the harm.

2, simple operation, easy to learn, a person can also operate.

3. Blood pressure recording function and heart rate estimation function.

4, the value is more accurate, compared to the mercury sphygmomanometer as fine.

5. The electronic sphygmomanometer USES the oscillographic method, which measures the blood pressure by measuring the vibration of blood flow on the blood vessel wall.


How to use the electronic blood pressure monitor correctly?

1. When you are not in a hurry to measure, take a rest for 15 minutes.When measuring blood pressure, sit in the seat that has back of a back in quiet, comfortable position, whole body nature is loosened.

2. Remove the upper arm sleeve, attach the air bag to the upper arm, and the mark should be aimed at the brachial artery;The lower edge of the bag should be 2 ~ 3cm above the elbow.

3. Upper arms should be at the same level as the heart. Keep warm to prevent shivering in winter.

4. During the automatic pressure measurement process, the patient cannot have any action, otherwise the pressure measurement will fail due to the false wave caused by muscle movement.

5. The interval between the two measurements should be more than 3 minutes, and the position and position should be consistent as far as possible.

  • Monitoring blood pressure depends on their own, electronic blood pressure meter is a better helper!

So, it's not that doctors like to use a mercury sphygmomanometer, or an electronic sphygmomanometer, and generally when they see one they use that one;But you don't usually use a mercury sphygmomanometer, so it's recommended that you use an electronic sphygmomanometer, mainly for convenience.







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