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Why should breastfeeding mothers need a double breast pump?

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People generally believe that breastfeeding means direct breastfeeding so a breast pump is reduced to use during mother’s lactation. 


While breast pumps are important auxiliary tools for breastfeeding. Mom’s using breast pumps in below conditions:


  1. If newborns do not know how to breastfeed, using a breast pump not only allows them to receive valuable breast milk, but also allows them to enter to be feed in a timely manner.
  2. Breast pump helps mothers with less breast milk increase the amount of breast milk.
  3. If the baby doesn't eat much and there is residual breast milk in her breast, she needs to use a breast pump to suck it out in time, which can prevent Mastitis and can also help maintain mother's milk volume.
  4. If the mother is unable to breastfeed due to objective reasons, such as taking medication. During this period, it is necessary to use a breast pump to suck out milk to prevent breast milk from rising or even returning.
  5. For some reason, the baby has to leave the mother. The newborn has to leave the mother due to physical reasons. Mother has to go back to work. A portable breast pump should be helpful to realize continued breastfeeding.


With the continuous growth of women in the workplace, working mothers who want to breastfeed are increasingly in need of breast pumps.


Single breast pump can only suck breast milk on one side. When you use a unilateral breast pump to suck on one side, you will find that the milk on the other side flows out directly. 20 minutes later when you suck the other side and it takes another 20 minutes and your clothes soaked in breast milk. Some breast pumps have the function of limiting the sucking time to 30 minutes. Imagine how inconvenient it is for your breast pump to automatically stop working after 30 minutes of operation, but it takes 40 minutes or more to suck on both sides of your breasts.


Compared with single breast pump, double electric breast pumps are ideal for working moms definitely. You can hold two bottles in sucking and another hand free for anything else you want to do. 20 minutes you will finish double breast sucking then you will have more time for work or sleep.


While double breast pumps will be much more expensive so we can choose as per our own conditions.


Joytech new breast pumps are designed for the ones need single or double breast pumps. Meanwhile, we have developed hands free wearable breast pumps for our great mothers.


LD-2010 double electric breast pump

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