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How often to pump breast milk?

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Q1: My child is 6 months old. I'm going to go back to work. Have you considered weaning the child? Can the nutrition of weaned baby not keep up?


Q2: I went to work four months ago as a child. After work, I mixed milk powder and breast milk. Later, because the distance to work was too far, I couldn't help but wean my child...


In particular, I can experience the helplessness of New Born Mom in the workplace.


Many treasure mothers return to work after taking maternity leave, bring professional milk suction and storage equipment to the unit every day, complete a series of processes such as milk suction, refrigeration, preservation, etc. during the working hours, and carry them home at night as the next day's "rations" for the baby. We call new mom's behavior "carrying milk".


Then how often to pump breast milk?


Firstly, Follow the breast feeding way after work.


During the practice period, New Mom nursed the baby according to her own commuting time, squeezed the milk out according to her own working time and put it in a bottle to feed the baby. She recommended a feeding time for New Mom's reference:


7: 30am New Mom suckles the baby directly


12: 00am Extrude the breast milk and feed the baby with a bottle


15: 30pm Extrude the breast milk and feed the baby with a bottle


6: 30pm New Mom suckles the baby directly


10: 30pm New Mom suckles the baby directly


Then, Operation preparation.


Use the breast pump one month in advance and estimate the time for using the breast pump


How to use the milk pump


1. Before sucking, warm the breast with a fumigated towel and massage the areola to fully expand the breast..


2. Suck milk according to the suction according to your own conditions.


3. Pay attention to the rotation of bilateral breasts


4. The principle of sucking milk is about 8 minutes, which must be controlled within 20 minutes.


5. Stop sucking when you feel pain in your breast and nipple.


Suggestion: New Mom should start using the breast pump 3 to 4 weeks before returning to work, so that she can be fully familiar with this method.


It can be milked every 3 hours or so. Don't wait until the milk swells.


Normally, the peak time of lactation is at 2-3 in the morning, which is also the time when new mothers sleep most deeply. Therefore, many mothers will cause mastitis due to breast milk siltation if they are in deep sleep.


It is so tired for breast feeding for new mothers so we should need comfortable and high efficiency breast pumps for milk pumping. When you see your lovely baby, all fatigue is worth it.



Joytech Healthcare is a factory manufacturing medical devices and all breast pumps are also medical grade. Lithium battery double breast pumps are option as well.



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