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How to physically cool down a baby’s fever

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Fever does great harm to people's health. However, when it is a slight fever, or the condition is very mild but it is temporarily inconvenient to see a doctor, physical cooling can be used to alleviate it.


Children are prone to fever. Babies under 6 months old, when the temperature is higher than 38 ℃, we should seek medical treatment in time and take medicine under the guidance of a doctor, but physical cooling is essential throughout the whole process. As long as the baby is still burning, don't forget to give the baby physical cooling, whether on the way to the hospital, in the hospital, or back home from the hospital.


For babies over 6 months old, when the temperature is lower than 38.5 ℃, physical cooling should be carried out first.

My Cooling magic weapon is Give the baby a warm bath.


The cooling effect of bathing is relatively rapid, and the mother can operate it easily. Most babies will also like it. It is recommended that new mothers use this method more.


The temperature of the bath water should be controlled at 38~40 ℃, which is similar to or slightly higher than the baby's temperature. If the water is too cold or too hot, the baby will feel uncomfortable. The operation method is similar to the usual bathing. You can also wash your baby's hair. If the baby is not in good condition, let him simply soak in the water for a while, and it is also possible to pour some water on his body. The purpose of this physical cooling method is to let the baby contact water in a large area and help the baby cool down by evaporation of water.


I have two babies. A warm bath is effective for them to cool down a fever. Firstly, I will measure the temperature, normally a forehead thermometer is more practical for use for a fever baby. No contact so no resistance.

After the bath, take the temperature measurement again. If it shows better, give him/her drink some water and have a rest. And if the temperature is still high but the baby is in good state, give him/her drink some water and use warm towel to wipe armpits, thigh,palm,forehead and neck. Use a forehead thermometer to take the temperature and record the readings.Repeat the above progress if the temperature is always lower than 38.5℃ until the fever be cooled down. When the temperature is higher than 38.5 ℃, antipyretic drugs should be given to the baby, and physical cooling should be carried out at the same time.


You can find out the right using method of forehead thermometer to get an accurate result from Are digital forehead thermometers accurate?

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